Who’s Involved in Hospice Care? | Wesley Hospice

Who’s Involved in Hospice Care?

Typically, hospice teams work alongside your caregivers to develop an individualized comprehensive care program.  The hospice team usually consists of:

RN Case Manager

This is the person who will coordinate the various elements of your care. Their goal is to coordinate care in the most effective way possible for each individual, and their family.

Hospice Aide

This person can provide care in the home, community or hospital. This can include overnight stays, bathing, and other care to ensure that the individual, and their family, is comfortable.

Social Worker

Social workers often start by assessing the situation. They determine the wants and needs of the families we serve. They also educate individuals and give advice on the dying process. But, they also advocate for the patient’s final wishes.

Spiritual Counselor

Spiritual care can be an important aspect to emotional support. The spiritual counselor is there to develop a plan for each person’s beliefs. Then, they act as resource to carry out this plan.

Medical Director

Any medical needs will be handled by the medical director, in collaboration with the individuals’ physician. This person will ensure that the medical wishes are fulfilled for each person. But, this person’s duties may also extend to the families, and/or caregivers.

Volunteer Coordinator

This person coordinates the volunteer schedule. They match volunteers where with the people they believe they will work best with.

Bereavement Coordinator

This person provides counseling services to those who have been affected by a death.


Hospice volunteers are an important part of the hospice team. They are there to provide a helping hand, support and compassion to the people served. The volunteers may provide transportation, preform household chores, and prepare meals.

Administrative and Support Staff

The administrative and support staff is there as a resource if families need any assistance, or if they have any concerns. These are typically the people to call if you have general questions about insurance coverage, or services.

Hospice care requires a full team working toward a common goal. All of these people are equally important to providing quality hospice care.