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Interdisciplinary Hospice in Columbus

What is an Interdisciplinary Team? (IDG)

Hospice uses a team approach to providing care. Hospice services are governed by what is called an interdisciplinary group (IDG). The first part of the team consists of the patient and members of their family who help make decisions regarding the plan of care. The remaining members of the hospice IDG team consist of highly qualified, specially trained hospice professionals, including physicians, nurses, social workers, and Chaplain/Spiritual Counselors. Other members of the team who may be present during IDG meetings include State Tested Nursing Aides (STNAs), therapists, community relations personnel, volunteer coordinators and trained volunteers. Each professional provides services according to their specific field of expertise by visiting with the patient and their family, and in some cases may provide services from the hospice offices.

Along with the services provided by the IDG team, the hospice benefit also provides all medicines, equipment, treatments and supplies needed to manage the symptoms of the terminal illness keeping the patient comfortable. They also help your loved ones cope during this transition.

Each member of the team must have a minimum education regarding:

  1. Purpose and focus of hospice care
  2. Team function and responsibility
  3. Communication skills
  4. Introduction to and review of physical, psychosocial, and spiritual    assessment and symptom management
  5. Review of universal precautions
  6. Patient and family safety issues
  7. Consistent with applicable laws and regulations
  8. Stress management
  9. Grief and Bereavement
  10. Confidentiality and patient rights

All members of the hospice IDG team recognize and accept a fiduciary relationship with the patient and family, maintaining professional boundaries with the patient and family, and understand that it is the sole responsibility of IDG team members to maintain appropriate agency and patient-family relationships.

For further information regarding hospice, the interdisciplinary team or how we can help your family with hospice needs, please call Kenya Y. George at (614) 451-6700 or email her at kgeorge@mecsrc.com.