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Things to Know When Preparing for Hospice Care

Providing care to a loved one with a terminal illness can be very stressful. Once the decision has been made for a family member to receive hospice care, there are more factors involved.

Getting all of the proper paperwork together is key for a successful admission. There are two types of documents required by hospice care providers.  The first type of document describes the legal or official documents you will be asked to provide during admissions process.  The second type describes documents the hospice program will ask you to sign.

Prior to admission, make sure you have copies of a properly signed financial power of attorney so someone can handle the patient’s financial affairs.  Also, the patient’s insurance information will be needed.  There is also a document entitled “Advanced Directives,” and these documents allow a person to make health care decisions in advance.  A “Do Not Resuscitate” or “DNR” order states that the patient does not want to be revived if cardiac arrest occurs or if the person stops breathing.

Work closely with your hospice admissions coordinator to make your loved one’s admission a seamless one.  Proper planning will help assure consistent care in hospice.  For more information on hospice planning, contact Hospice Services at Methodist ElderCare at  614-451-6700.