How to Keep Your Loved One Comfortable in Their Last Days | Wesley Hospice

How to Keep Your Loved One Comfortable in Their Last Days

When your loved one has been diagnosed with a life limiting illness it’s important to understand their wishes. One of these wishes may be where they would like to spend their last days. For many people, this is at home or at a close family members house. But, this can be a challenge when it comes to care.

If they wish to be at your home, many challenges present themselves. Even though you would love to, you may find yourself asking, “how am I supposed to take in a family member when I have my own emotions and responsibilities to deal with?” And, this is a completely common and valid response. It can be hard enough to raise a family and continue working, knowing your loved one has a life limiting illness. And, even if they are comfortable in their own home, care is probably necessary.

But, don’t worry. Hospice Care can help. Hospice Care allows individuals with a life limiting illness to stay happily where they are comfortable, while obtaining care. This often takes a weight off family and friends who are already battling the emotions of the situation.

Hospice Care is often available 24-hours and, Hospice Care can visit homes, hospitals, and nursing facilities. Often, Hospice finds that people want to stay where they are comfortable. This could be the retirement community they have lived at for 5 years, your home or their own home. But, no matter the situation, Hospice Care should be considered to help keep your loved one comfortable, and you at peace.