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Hospice Scams to Watch Out For

An important part of researching quality hospice care, is to make sure that your loved one isn’t the victim of a scam. Unfortunately, scams are prevalent when it comes to end of life services. But we have helpful tips, so you’ll know exactly what to look for in a hospice provider.

An easy way for a provider to scam patients is to simply cut back on services. This can be by reducing the number of visits by a home health care aide, or the RN case manager. In some cases, the RN will simply call the patient or the patient’s family to get an update. This is in no way an acceptable substitution for an in-person visit. A hospice provider might also reduce other important services, such as the availability of counselors, bereavement staff, chaplains and social workers in an effort to reduce costs and make greater profits.

Another troubling way that some providers scam their clients is by cutting back on medications. Pain medications can be very expensive, and by not providing the amount of medication prescribed by the doctor, unscrupulous providers can pocket a lot of money. The same is true with oxygen, by limiting the patient’s access to oxygen, the provider can save money.

Sometimes, an unethical hospice will refuse to provide round the clock care for patients who are in crisis. Your loved one deserves compassionate care by a hospice provider that is committed to ensuring quality end of life services. Be sure to ask questions relating to these scams to protect the people close to you.