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Hospice Routine Home Care

An Inside Look at Hospice Routine Home Care

In our last blog post, we dove into the different types of hospice care and provided a broad description of each. To expand on that, over the next several months, we will be diving deeper into each level of hospice care to help provide a detailed look inside and enhance understanding of each type. This blog post will explore the first level of hospice care, routine home care.

The four levels of hospice care include:

  • Routine Home Care*
  • Crisis Care
  • General In-Patient Care
  • Respite Care

Determining the best time and the best type of hospice care can be overwhelming. But at Wesley Hospice, we strive to be a transparent source of insight as you navigate your or your loved one’s plan of care.

The Ins and Outs of Routine Home Care

It’s important to understand exactly what routine home care is. This type of hospice care usually consists of scheduled visits to address medical, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of patients as well as their caregivers. With routine home care, the hospice staff travels to wherever the patient calls home, be it a private residence, nursing home, or assisted living facility. The staff working in routine home care typically includes nurses, home health aides, chaplains, physical, speech or occupational therapists, and social workers. Hospice volunteers play a vital role in routine home care as well.

What Type of Support is Provided?

Home medications, medical equipment, supplies and 24/7 contact support are available to patients receiving routine home care. Patients may also spend time engaging in activities intended to lift their spirits, such as reading or doing arts and crafts. It’s important to note that this type of care is not usually around-the-clock but rather for several hours within a 24-hour period. As mentioned above, routine home care is offered through scheduled weekly or monthly visits. 

Help for the Caregivers

Hospice routine home care is also an opportunity for the primary caregivers of the hospice patient to learn proper care techniques. Since routine home care is not provided 24/7, the scheduled visits are used as a time to educate caregivers and to support them with the continuous care they provide. 

As the most basic type of hospice care offered under Medicare, routine home care can bring a great level of comfort to patients and caregivers alike. To learn more about Wesley Hospice’s routine home care options, contact us here or call us at 614-451-6700.