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Hospice and Insurance Coverage

The purpose of hospice is to preserve the quality of life for those who, due to a terminal illness have limited time left to live. The cost to provide hospice should be the last thing a family should be concerned with, but knowing what your insurance covers is important and can help you when making the decision to involve hospice.

If your loved one is eligible for Medicare, his or her hospice care might be covered.
Your loved one must meet the following requirements according to AARP.org:

•  Eligible for Medicare Part A (hospital Insurance)
•  You must choose to receive hospice care and give up treatments intended to cure terminal illness;
•  Your doctor and the medical director of a hospice program must certify that you probably have less than six months to live, according to their best clinical judgment.
•  You must enroll in a hospice program that Medicare has approved.

Your doctor and hospice team put together a plan of care for your comfort. Here are things the doctor might include that will be covered by Medicare plan:

•  Doctor services
•  Nursing care
•  Medical equipment (wheelchairs or walkers)
•  Medical supplies (bandages and catheters)
•  Drugs for symptom control or pain relief. You may have a small co-pay with these medications
•  Hospice aide and homemaker services
•  Physical and occupational therapy
•  Speech-language pathology services
•  Social work services
•  Dietary counseling
•  Grief and loss counseling for you and your family
•  Short-term in patient care for pain and symptom management
•  Short-term respite care; This may include a small co-pay
•  Any other Medicare-covered services needed to manage pain and other symptoms related to your terminal illness, as recommended by your hospice team.

To find out more about hospice and what is covered by Medicare and other insurances, please contact Hospice Services at Methodist Eldercare at 614-451-6700 or click here for more information www.HospiceMEC.com