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Helpful Family Stress Relievers

When you have a loved one in hospice care, stress can become a normal part of life for the entire family. Our hospice service specializes in meeting the emotional, spiritual and medical needs of your loved one, but we also know that compassionate family care means helping the entire family through this difficult time.

Some effective tips for handling stress can help a family take care of themselves, while also meeting the needs of their loved one in their final days. Simple stress relievers, such as taking some much needed time to engage in some soothing activities, can significantly lower your stress level. For example, many people find that yoga can help them feel more relaxed and in control; even when faced with the stress of having a loved one in hospice care.

Other excellent family stress relievers include simply taking a break. When your loved one is sleeping or napping, enjoy a game of cards, watch a movie or do something other than dealing with the issues surrounding the care and comfort of your loved one. Share stories, talk about a fun family vacation or even grab a nap of your own.

One of the best tips we can share with the families we serve is to establish a healthy routine. This time is difficult enough, so make sure you’re eating well and getting exercise on a daily basis. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in caring for your loved one, but you will be much more relaxed when you’re also taking some time to care for yourself.

It’s common to become overwhelmed when helping a loved one through their final days, but taking care of your own physical and emotional needs is essential to your own wellbeing.