What Are The Four Stages Of Hospice Care? Hospice Levels Explained

Stages of Hospice Care

Understanding The Types Of Care For Your Loved One

Transitioning a loved one to hospice care can be a difficult and emotionally draining process.  One of the biggest aspects that can make things overwhelming is educating yourself on which level of hospice care your loved one needs.

The Four Levels Of Hospice Care

At Wesley Hospice in Columbus, Ohio, we provide four levels of hospice care and work with our patients and their families to create a comprehensive, individualized care plan. Below, we’ve outlined a more in-depth overview of each level of care we offer.

Level One: Routine Home Care

Routine home care is the basic type of hospice care. This type of care is for patients in their homes who have had a doctor identify that hospice services are needed. With routine home care, hospice staff visits patients on a set schedule to provide comfort and to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of not only the patients but also of their caregivers.

Level Two: Crisis Care

Crisis care is care that is also provided in an individual’s home but with the focus being on maintaining the patient’s comfort during a crisis from pain or illness symptoms. This type of care is usually for longer lengths of time each day and typically is centered around direct nursing care and hospice aid care to continue managing the patient’s uncontrollable pain symptoms.

Level Three: General In-Patient Care

General in-patient care is hospice care that is provided either in a hospital setting or a skilled nursing facility. This type of care is required when care at home can no longer be adequately provided and is typically for patients with short-term symptom management needs.

Level Four: Respite Care

Respite care is care that’s offered to patients in a hospital or skilled nursing facility setting, designed to give short-term relief to families and hospice caregivers. Respite care can usually be offered for up to five consecutive days at a time and can be a wonderful option for caregivers.

Learn More About Hospice Care Services in Columbus, Ohio

Learning more about the different types of hospice care can help tremendously in the early stages of understanding the best care options for your loved one. And, when you meet with your hospice provider, like our team at Wesley Hospice, you’ll be able to sit down with experienced staff who will guide you through the care treatment plan that will serve your loved one and your whole family.


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