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Family Tips for Preparing for Hospice Care

An important part of hospice care is helping patients and families develop an understanding of hospice and how it can help them meet the challenges of this difficult time. It is extremely important to understand how each member of the hospice team will work together to develop a comprehensive end of life plan that meets the individual needs of the patient. Whether it’s visits from clergy, managing pain or providing some much needed emotional support, our trained hospice staff are dedicated to ensuring each patient gets the highest quality care possible.

End of life decisions can be difficult for most people; however, it’s important that these discussions take place. When you have a loved one who has been referred for hospice care, it’s important for the patient as well as the family to prepare for this time. For example, examining personal beliefs can help you make decisions regarding EOL care.

Other helpful tips that can make hospice easier for patients and their family members include learning about the services that are available and making sure you reach out for the help you need. Many times, hospice care takes place in the patient’s home. The primary caregiver is often overwhelmed with managing patient care as well as their own feelings of sadness and loss. We can help with patient care by providing caregiver relief and patient companionship.

When preparing for hospice care, be sure to keep in mind that there will be times when family care is also necessary. It’s important to make sure that you take care of yourself. Consider stress relievers such as yoga, or a support group. Additionally, it can be helpful to make use of routine home care by the experienced hospice team to help the family manage during the final weeks and days of a loved one’s life. Maintaining a routine as much as possible can help you feel more in control.