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Do you have a Bucket List?

Do you have a wish list or, as they are called today, a bucket list? I call mine a “bucket list” and I’ve crossed only a few things off that list assuming I have plenty of time left to complete or, at least, come close to completing it. Last Tuesday, one of my daughter’s childhood friends passed away at the age of 30 from natural causes, and I realized how precious time could be. He told the group of friends that he was not feeling well, went to the restroom and suffered a seizure. News of his death made moving forward with my bucket list a priority.

Everyone has a bucket list, even if it is just milling about in your head. When it comes to putting it on paper, people wonder where to start, so I thought I’d help you out by offering a little direction to get your list started.

  • Be prepared. Invest in a notepad or a journal specifically for this purpose. Having a hard copy of your bucket list is vital. Not only will it help you remember everything you want to accomplish, but will keep your list in an easily accessible and coherent place. It will also keep you prepared for when ideas strike you on a whim at the most inconvenient time.
  • Plan your list. No one ever has a complete pre-made bucket list in their head, and sitting down to think about everything you want to do in life sounds extremely daunting. The majority of tasks found on bucket lists come from the person seeing something and thinking “I want to learn to do that!” Look for ideas everywhere.
  • Write your first draft. There’s no time like the present. The sooner you have some sort of list as a guideline, the sooner you can take the first step to completing the task on that list. This is the time to be creative and completely let go of your fears and limits. Write down anything that comes to mind.
  • Refine your list. Now that you have a basis to start from, it is time to get rid of the more impossible or improbable tasks. Be practical, and seriously consider the task completely before erasing. This is the most tricky; while you need to get rid of a task you know won’t be completed, this is a list of self-development, and erasing tasks for the reason you don’t have the courage, the willpower, or the time will leave you with a poor list with few obstacles or accomplishments.

Be on the constant lookout for new ideas. Get into a habit of looking and finding new ideas everywhere, from TV and movies, to posters and flyers for events, and by talking with your friends and family. Never give yourself limits, and remember, it is important to complete tasks, as well as add new ones. It is never too late to start a bucket list. Live life to the fullest.