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Dispelling Common Hospice Myths

There are many myths about hospice care. Of course, most of these misconceptions come from the fact that many people have simply never had to deal with a loved one in hospice. It can be a subject that is not often discussed, so the mystery surrounding this care can be veiled in mystery for those on the outside.

One common myth regarding hospice care is that it is a place where the terminally ill go to die. When there is nothing more that doctors can do to help someone, they are sent to hospice care. This is certainly not true. In fact, hospice is not an actual place; but, rather, care for a patient nearing the end of their life. We strive to ensure every patient gets quality care with a compassionate hospice team. From managing pain to providing social workers, clergy and other professionals, every patient is given individualized care to help meet their needs.

Some people think that if you choose hospice care that you won’t be able to keep your own doctor. This is another myth. In fact, you can keep your doctor and your doctor will work closely with the hospice physicians to provide quality care.

Another very common myth is that hospice is only for those individuals who are in their final days of life. While this might be true in some cases, hospice care is available to any patient who has a life expectancy of six months or less.

Some other common myths regarding hospice care are that it is a service only provided to patients who are living in their own home or that it is strictly for the elderly. Neither of these are true. Any patient with a six month or less life expectancy can receive hospice care. Additionally, hospice can work with patients who are in nursing homes or even the hospital.