July 2017 | Wesley Hospice

Dispelling Common Hospice Myths

There are many myths about hospice care. Of course, most of these misconceptions come from the fact that many people have simply never had to deal with a loved one in hospice. It can be a subject that is not often discussed, so the mystery surrounding this care can be veiled in mystery for those […]

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Caregiver Stress Relievers During Work

Those who care for persons who are ill are very susceptible to stress-related illnesses. Whether you are a professional caregiver or a family caregiver, you need to take some “me” time. We’ve all heard the analogy of the flight attendant who warns passengers to put on their oxygen masks before helping others during an emergency. […]

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Our Quality Hospice Care

We are committed to ensuring every patient gets compassionate end of life care. We treat each patient as a unique individual and strive to ensure that they receive not only the physical care they need, but also to ensure that the patient is comfortable and treated with respect. Whether it’s making sure the patient is […]

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