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Bereavement Boxes (Memory Boxes)

Bereavement Boxes (Memory Boxes)

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As you begin to organize the material possessions your loved one acquired during life, you will encounter special mementos that describe your loved one. These are treasures that you may want to keep as a reminder of your loved one’s life. They give meaning and purpose to your loved one’s life and are living reminders of how they lived, what they accomplished and how they touched your life and the lives of others.

These mementos may include some of the following – letters, cards, jewelry, photos, medals, awards, favorite things, memorabilia, and just little things that remind you of your loved one. It may be a souvenir from a trip, a ticket stub from a game, a bulletin from church, a playbill, something that makes you laugh. Whatever it may be, collect all those things that are reminders.

Then, create a memory box. It may be a box purchased in a store, a shoe box or whatever you choose. Place all these items in this box, and store your box in a place in your home. Whenever you need to feel close to your loved one or just want to remember, pull out your box and go through the memories. You may cry, laugh and have every range of emotion. That is okay; it is part of the grieving process. This may be a personal box for yourself or you may choose to share it, and the memory, with family and friends.

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